Secret tip for linkbuilding and anchor text

Anchor Text – This is the text over which records are placed. It is closed with HTML tags <a> </a>. It is an important SEO factor and should look at where they like after clicking.

Perhaps the best source of information will be a site that nobody optimizes and gets links naturally (and place search engines in good positions). Here you can post an overview of how people naturally refer to this main after you’ve used it with you.

Unfortunately, I have no similar project or unknown, or this blog based only on a natural link profile. Somewhere abroad, however, I heard the video how it should look. It is already older information (a few years), but I think it is still true because the natural way of referring has not changed much.

According to this tip, a small portion of natural anchor texts is made up of the keyword / link itself. Most often, you can sort in 80% through terms like “click here, link here” and only 20% contain either the tag, the URL address the key link.

In my opinion, you can suspect this from Google’s point of view.

Currency-based lists with anchored texts are strictly invisible and may be one of the factors.

But it is definitely the best anchor to mix the lyrics and not try to rank only for keywords. In my opinion, referring via the url ( or via the brand tag and the title of the article “SEO Consultant at” is simply more than just a few completely thematic words.

Link profile and text anchoring according to what most diversifies, ie as a domain, types of websites and in various forms (text and images).

Using “LSI Keywords”

LSI keywords is a term I caught from If I’m not mistaken, these are Topics / Related Keywords. I borrowed an example from the forum, our main keyword is “pink unicorn”:

pink unicorn
You can find the pink unicorn here
best source for pink unicorns
free pink unicorn
pink unicorns kids will love
business sign + pink unicorn
mythical horned animal called pink unicorn

These are examples of anchor texts that you can use in linkbuilding. But we’re going to add you to the mix to add more non-thematic anchors. Here is another example from forum members:

Link portfolio layout:

1. Partial anchor text: 25%
2. Anchor tag text: 25%
3. General anchor: 25%
4. Exact anchor text: 5%
5. Anchor text variant: 20%