How to earn a million a month from affiliate? Learn how to hack WordPress

Who among us would not like the idea of ​​hundreds of thousands of affiliate earnings? I think that if affiliates in the Iceland knew how to get such money, they would definitely try this method. Information on how to get similar success through foreign websites has recently appeared on the forum and has developed inconsistent responses.

This is a thread, in which the author describes the ways in which managed to get a lot of traffic and then to high profits, mainly thanks to Amazon affiliate.

I recommend reading the thread, but for those who do not want to or do not understand it here I will try to summarize. at first glance looks like a magazine with album reviews and stock, but if you go through the site a little in depth, you will find that it is just slightly more popped MFAčko.

The site has two types of content, real music reviews, where articles aren’t usually too comprehensive.

The second type of content is affiliate articles like “Best Headphones Under $ 30”, which list products with links to Amazon.

And these articles are then placed in search results and certainly bring a significant amount of traffic.

According to the author of the thread, the site owner managed to capture the domain with the history of, which he redirected, filled the content and obtained back links. And not a few. According to Ahrefs, the site has about 60,000 links from 1700 domains. And here we come to those spells.

Niche links or hacked links?

What is discussed in the forum is where the links come from. At first glance it looks like it’s Niche links.

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This is how links you paste into old content and wrap with new, relevant text. There would be nothing so bad if it really worked.

However, it seems that the truth is somewhere else. These niche links are probably created by the fact that the service that sells them hacks WordPress sites and places links without the knowledge of the owners.

Two articles have been published on on this topic. At first it seemed that 15,000 sites were hacked, and in the next article they even mention hundreds of thousands of sites.

The hacking method is not yet known. You can read that the problem was that users used the same password to sign in to different services. However, the method is not yet confirmed.

The owner of is probably not the one who actually hacked the site. He used one of the linkbuilding agencies that at first glance looks professional, but actually spam sites with your links. But it looks like the method works.

How much can you earn?

The author of the thread tried to calculate how much money the website owner would get out of the site every month. Here is the translation:

  • Total monthly visits (Ahrefs): 275,000
  • Average conversion rate (Amazon): 5% (buys approximately 13,750 visitors per month)
  • Average price for a product sold on Amazon: $ 50
  • Total gross turnover through Amazon: $ 687,500
  • Total monthly income from Amazon (at 6% commission for music accessories): 4 125 000 ISK

The author mentions that these are conservative figures, because the conversion rate, website traffic and the price of the product sold may be higher (visitors also buy other products, with higher commission).

At first glance, this method looks amazing, and for a moment I was tempted to try something similar (before I realized that the links it has are from hacked sites).

Creating such a site was not without work, but someone has to write those articles. According to Google, the site has indexed 10,000 pages, so it will be a significant investment in content, easily in the millions.

What interested me on the web is how simply it is done.

It runs on WordPress, the free template Newspaper.
Above has a simple menu, in sidebaru then description of the site and loading the latest posts.
Below are links to social networking, About site and Terms of Use.
As for the content, I would not say it is too good. If you look at some of the sales articles, you will usually find a selection and description of several products here, and I wouldn’t say that the reviews go in depth.

There is a lot of text, so there is always a Table of contents section above the article, but it’s not something that someone wouldn’t be able to write up to 500 ISK/ page. Links are directed exclusively to other subpages (if I am not mistaken, so always to articles).

I wondered how much this method could be duplicated if you made a website in a less competitive industry where you wouldn’t need tens of thousands of links.

I thought I’d try again in relation to Iceland. I found a few expired .com domains with backlinks that I could recover.

At first glance it would look like a magazine where I would focus on longtails (to be scored by Google in SERP above) and then did the second part with articles like “Best Northern Lights tours Iceland”, “Best tours in April” etc.

There is competition, I know a few agencies here have already understood how SEO works, but not so many.

I decided to stay on the ground so far and try it only in the Czech Republic just with the website, which I wrote yesterday. As it looks, I will need far fewer links than is needed abroad, so hopefully we will see some results soon.