Gonow.is – listing directory for travelers

When I arrived in Iceland and started working in tourism, I found that searching for information on things to do and what to visit in Iceland outside Reykjavik is not easy.

Every day I met with tourists who had no idea about the places they could visit around the hotels I worked in. We often recommended them places that are not so frequently visited by tourists but still attractive. In some cases, we helped them build an itinerary for a few days around South Iceland where I worked.

When I realized that I was meeting daily with travelers who solve very similar problems, I got the idea that there might be an opportunity to create a website or application that would advise tourists, like we did at the hotel.

And it was just the idea to create a travel website about Iceland GONOW.IS.

Who are the users of Gonow.is?


Search app when you travel around Iceland

Features of the site will be especially appreciated by those who travel by car in Iceland and do not use travel agency services. Such visitors to Iceland can find places often known only by Icelanders, who are not so visited but still interesting.

Thanks to the simple localization of each visitor, the website can offer users places nearby – whether they need to stay, looking for a restaurant, swimming pool or fitness center.

However, tourists will find the most interesting places in the Things to do in Iceland category. Here are hidden treasures such as waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, turf houses, beaches or lakes.

Each of the tourists can easily plan what places they will visit around their hotel where they are staying. The site Gonow.is find hidden locations, which often have no idea receptionists or local Icelanders.

Real feedback from users

You can rate every place that is on the Gonow.is map and add your photo. This will help other tourists who can imagine the place realistically, not just from the modified photos on Instagram.


In addition to these recommendations, we are preparing a list of recommended places for site visitors. For each city or hotel there will be a list of TOP 10 things that we recommend to see or visit in the area (for example Best things to do in Hveragerdi in South Iceland). It can be a visit to a museum or waterfall, watching northern lights, trying local hot baths, etc.

Is there any competition?

Before I started to work on this website I try to look around and find some similar website. But it´s really not easy to find good website about Iceland, which can be useful for tourist.

  • There is one very similar website called NAT.is. They have also many listings in database, but it´s not so easy to use this website how you would like.
  • Another website, which can help you like an online guide on Iceland is Myguidereykjavik.com. Unfortunatelly, this website is suitable mostly for Reykjavik visitors.
  • There are of course big websites like Tripadvisor, LonelyPlanet, RickSteeve or Frommers. But none of these services can have so many information about Iceland, especially if we talk about unknown tourist places.