Can you calculate a keyword’s value?

I’m about to do keyword analysis for my site in English, and I’ve found myself quite a swim. Compared to the Czech Republic, there are too many expressions, definitely more than hundreds, so I can’t simply copy it all into Excel and sort it out the way I did it before.

I happened to have an article on Mangtools on Keyword Golden ration.

The method is that you are trying to search for low-search keywords that are uncompetitive and will probably be easy to break even with a weaker site.

The method works by dividing Allintitle search results by the number of searches per month.

Let me give you a fictional example.

Let’s say we focus on the term “geysir marketing”. He would have a monthly search of 100 (which he does not) and the number of results on Google where this term in Title would be 25.

The resulting value is 0.25, which means that it should be theoretically easy to get to the top of this keyword.

It is not a perfect method, it is necessary to compare your result with what you see in SERP and how strong opponents you have there.

Here I started to like the counting and I was wondering if I could determine the value of a keyword similarly and not just for longtail.

I still haven’t saved on Ahrefs yet and I don’t believe in their results and values.

I think it’s always better to browse SERP manually, find out who gets there often, how fast and big the web is, how long the articles are, how many backlinks they have, and somehow try to determine if it’s worth trying to push through the site for those keywords.

It occurred to me that I could make my own equation to calculate the value of keywords based on search and competition. Unfortunately, math is no longer my strong point and I even had to look at how to multiply individual cells in Excel, so take it with caution.

What I consider:

Monthly Searches (using the Keywords everywhere add-on to Chrome)
Keyword golden ratio
The power of the article
The power of the article

First, I calculate the strength of the article (taking into account the length and strength of the domain) that comes first to the keyword.

I assign a value based on the number of words to the length of the article; every 1000 words is 1 point.

I assign a domain value from 1 – 10, where 1 is a new non-authoritative site, 10 is the most authoritative site in the industry.

The equation looks like I multiply points by the length and strength of the domain. E.g. an article of 3,000 words on the most authoritative site with 10 points has a power of 30 (3 × 10).

Keyword value

One part of the keyword calculation equation is calculated by multiplying the power of the article by the golden ration (when both values ​​are smaller, it’s better for me, so I put them on the same level).

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Then I take the monthly search and divide the golden ratio multiplied by the power of the article.

For example:

Word with 1000 searches per month, divided by 30 (cell strength) x 0.25 (kw golden ratio)

This should give me an orientation number for comparing how advantageous it is for me to include the keyword in the analysis with respect to the search and the difficulty of getting a good position.

Disadvantages of calculation

As one of you may have thought, the strength of a domain is determined very simply and inaccurately, just from the eye.

I came to the conclusion that the same 10 sites still appear in the SERP for the keywords I want to fill.

From manual exploration of SERPs or tools, I would compare their strength and determine the number accordingly. Therefore, it cannot be applied universally, for example to your projects.

Another disadvantage is that I do not take into account the results when Google puts its boxes in SERP, for example, for me are recommended hotels or places that one should visit. This means that some keywords will receive less traffic because people simply use Google’s box responses.

Similarly, my resulting number does not say anything about how much the keyword is worth. I found an article ( that looks at this a little bit and it looks like only the price for a given keyword in PPC and CTR is enough for the equation for the first position in SERP (37% is mentioned in the article).

Today I’m going to do a little key to use my calculations and see how the numbers come out and if it works. Yesterday I published the first article in English on one medium-strong key link, now I’ll wait for positions and depending on how I grab it I can roughly guess what my calculated value is. I then bounce off that and theoretically I can roughly determine how difficult it will be to rank keywords with higher or lower values.

I will be glad for any criticism and ideas on this topic, so if you think of anything, I would like to read your opinions in the comments.