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8 reasons why your hotel needs website

There are many reasons for having your own hotel website. Here I show you a list of the most important ones.

Appear in Google

Having hotel website allows you to appear in Google search results and Google metabox with your businness information and getting visitors immediatelly.

No commissions

Everytime your customer searchs for you hotel, they will find your website and they can book the stay directly.

Tell your story

One of the best reasons for your hotel to have own website is the fact that you can display all your hotel’s visuals, not just photos.

Contact to customer

With your website, you get direct contact with your customer. You get their contact informations, so you can offer them more, offer them discount for next stay or ask for reviews.

Social Proof

Most of the travelers make their final decision, where to stay, by visiting its website.

Promote just your hotel

When you appear on online travel agencies, customer get always recommendation for other hotels in your area. This will never happen on your hotel website.

Sell tours

People are interested in activities in you area. Let them book a tour directly on your website and get commission from travel agencies.

Build a brand

When you have your own website, you can make advertisement with different channels (social marketing, banners, sharing the URL,...) and build your own brand.

Let me show you, how can your website look like
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How do I work?

I can build your website using the most famous content management system WordPress and ready-made templates. This will cut costs of work very low, so you can save money for promotion of your business.


Before we will start to promote your businness, we need to find out, who are we going to approach and how to get their attention.

Creative Process

We will choose design of your website and then we plan, how should be a structure of it.

Design & Development

The hardest part is build the website and optimalizate, so it will appear on Google a lot and people will start to pay for your goods or services.

Final Product

After we test, everything works good, you will have your website ready to promotion.

What You Get

Website ready to use

I will build website for your business, to help you find your place in internet world.

Analyze your position

I will give you advices about how and where to promote your business and what are the best ways, how to connect to your clients.

Online marketing

If you want to get more visitors and customers, we can find the best way, how you should advertise with the best return of investment.

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